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Art & Decor Imaginings for both planes.

Hi, I'm Laurie Farrell and I'm proud to present (x,y)Origin. For years I have enjoyed the puzzle of displaying meaningful objects at home. I have sentimental tendencies and always sought to create a living space that reflected me; my history, travels, humor and "treasures" aka-my family. But oftentimes sentimental things get in the way of other design goals, like simplicity, "clean lines", freshness. I like new things but, I have found that purely trendy spaces often leave me uninspired.  On the other hand, too many "old" things and it starts to feel like a museum.


As I seek out quality art and decor I focus on things I find unique, well made and which seem to possess a timeless beauty or value. Oftentimes, I will spot something that I know needs updating-whether that means fresh paint, new framing or in many cases, just rethinking how to enjoy something in a new way. I'm happy to honor something's origin and then move it to a different plane of use or design.  

My goal is to breathe new life into old objects, optimize relevance to a more contemporary taste and seek fluidity of function.

If you have a treasured object that you can't part with despite acknowledging that it does not match your vibe, I'm happy to take a shot at reimagining it with you.

I'm not an interior designer or decorator! I'll leave that  job to professionals. But, once the big space is in order, maybe you'll find a spot on the Y-axis in need of unique art or an empty space on an X-axis that would feel a lot happier or better grounded with an object that's origin is ready to tell a new story, in a new place.

I hope to see you in the shop!  

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